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Public Sector

EVAS factors in restrictive budgets and special requirements that naturally follow public sector institutions. EVAS therefore creates special energy efficiency programs designed for the public sector including institutional capacity and framework policies that reduce energy consumption in public buildings. Our solutions include targeted action plans and capacity building to meet public sector needs and national level target achievements.

Private Sector

A wide and diversified range of solutions can be designed for private sector businesses including: commercial, industrial, medical, educational and hospitality. Our energy saving projects and solutions greatly improve energy efficiency and cut down energy expenses allowing businesses to save money and better allocation of resources. The suite of technologies adopted by EVAS follow stringent European quality standards thereby ensuring that businesses are safe in the knowledge that they will consistently receive qualitative and proven expertise and experience.

International Donors

EVAS’s team of experts works closely with several international donors in the field of energy efficiency including: the United States Agency for International Development, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the International Financing Corporation. International donor agencies have seen first hand results that matter. Our comprehensive suite of solutions include: energy audits, implementation of energy service projects, capacity building programs and micro-financing of energy saving systems. Our team continuously provides successful results and outstanding performance on all assigned tasks and services.